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Online Men’s Support Group Meeting Every Other Week

This program is our way to support men facing a prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, or recovery. The group meets every other Thursday evening. Attendance is free and open to all men.

Our next meeting is Thurs., July 25th at 7 PM ET.

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Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction as a Side Effect of Prostate Cancer Treatment with Amy Pearlman, MD

Beyond Prostate Cancer: Exploring the Full Range of Urological Health

For many of us, our urologists arrived in our lives at a time of crisis and have confined their care to managing our prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. But in an engaging conversation with host Ed Randall, Dr. Michael Volpe walks us through the gamut of urinary and reproductive organ conditions a urologist might encounter in a clinical practice. Dr. Volpe also suggests that as we age, we might want to consider adding a urologist to our medical team.

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Fans for the Cure Online Women's Support Group

Online Women’s Support Group

This program is an online way for Fans for the Cure to support women who journey with men dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, or recovery. This gathering is free and open to all women.

Our next meeting is Tues., August 20th at 8 PM ET.

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Recruit a Partner, Have a Catch

Catch for the Cure is our charity’s ongoing initiative to engage and support the prostate cancer community.

Participating in Catch for the Cure is easy to do. Simply recruit a partner, schedule and choose a venue for your catch, set up a page, and you’re out of the gates. Send the page to friends and family whom you might want to support your efforts, and that’s it.

We also might recommend taking a couple of weeks to break in your glove – and your throwing arm. If your last catch coincided with your final game of American Legion Baseball eligibility, you may want to start throwing the ball around at short distances and manageable time frames.

In-Person Events

Fans for the Cure will organize and participate in about 100 in-person events in 2024, including free screenings, awareness events, educational panels, prostate cancer conferences, and Online Women’s/Caregivers’ and Men’s Support Groups.

Keep up to date with our schedule on the Events page, as well as the pages for the support groups.

Highlights for June will include the Mets/NYP free screening on June 13, an awareness/Catch event with the Cedar Rapids Kernels and Mercy Urology on June 23, and a conversation between Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Ed Randall on June 25 in NYC.

We’re Working Every Day to Raise Awareness About Prostate Cancer and Bring PSA Screenings to Communities

Fans for the Cure is dedicated to educating men and their families about the importance of PSA screenings as part of a responsible approach to overall men’s health. Working closely with our Medical Advisory Board, we offer a comprehensive program of educational events, support groups, physician referrals, and awareness campaigns. This is in addition to the charity’s ongoing mission of providing free PSA screenings in coordination with our national healthcare partners.

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We've started a new PROGRAM

Online Men's Support Group

It is with great excitement we have launched our Online Men’s Support Group program. This new effort is being rolled out in light of COVID-19.

Our first online meeting of this group is TOMORROW, Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 7 PM ET.

Support Fans for the Cure on #GivingTuesday


On this #GivingTuesday during these difficult times, your support of what we do is more important than ever. We need your help in adapting our prostate cancer awareness and educational programs to social distancing guidelines and migrating to online platforms.